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Welcome to the Green Frugal;

An Affordable, Sustainable Lifestyle; Organic Gardening, Cooking, Budget Shopping, and More!

May 24, 2011Posted by Admin


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Shifting to a greener and more sustainable lifestyle isn’t just about saving the planet and reducing your carbon footprint; it’s not just a social movement. It’s also about the practical and logical changes you can make.

Join us here at The Green Frugal to discover ways to not only save money and lose the throw-away mindset, but learn ways to tap into healthier eating and enjoying your family life more, among other things.

Our Latest Articles (listed by date)

7 Business Productivity Tools You Need

May 24, 2014Posted by Kelly Smith


Business efficiency, social media, and record-keeping can give you the edge.

The 4 Biggest Trends in Inbound Marketing

May 21, 2014Posted by Kelly Smith

The May 2014 Green Frugal Newsletter; image © 2014 KSmith Media, LLC

Target customers and build a returning client list.

Save Money Without Compromising This Valentine’s Day

February 27, 2014Posted by Ella Moss

A happy couple; photo courtesy Alex Davis

The fine art of frugal romancing.

Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome

January 25, 2014Posted by Kelly Smith


A woman experiencing a migraine headache; photo courtesy Sasha Wolff A debilitating disease that might be transmitted by a virus.

Natural Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

January 24, 2014Posted by Kelly Smith


Acupuncture for the Relief of pain; photo courtesy Kyle Hunter Holistic medicine practitioners offer an alternative cure.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Diagnosis

January 23, 2014Posted by Kelly Smith


This painting is The Doctor; by artist Luke Fildes A medical evaluation performed by diagnosis of exclusion.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Diet

January 23, 2014Posted by Kelly Smith


Salsa vegetable ingredients; photo courtesy KSmith Media, LLC Eat a balanced diet along with dietary supplements and avoid some items.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Overview

January 21, 2014Posted by Kelly Smith


Typical fibromyalgia tender points; photo courtesy Sav vas Pain, fatigue, numbness and tingling, and cognitive dysfunction are symptoms.

How do Low-Carb Diets Work?

January 14, 2014Posted by Kelly Smith


Meat on the BBQ; photo courtesy Jell96 Weight loss by restricted carbohydrate intake based on the glycemic index.

Investing in Enviro-Friendly Funds

January 6, 2014Posted by Michelle Rebecca


Socially responsible shareholder activism; its time has come.

The Stone Man

January 2, 2014Posted by ; Author’s Google profile

An Olmec stone head from Mexico; photo copyright 2014 Maribel Ponce Ixba

A Science Fiction Horror Novel; a book review.

Health Benefits of Quinoa

December 28, 2013Posted by ; Author’s Google profile


A plate of cooked red quinoa; photo courtesy blairingmedia Vegans, runners, weight trainers, and others love this supergrain.

Drive Green: Save the Planet With 5 Eco-Friendly Cars

December 26, 2013Posted by Meghan Belnap


A green, sustainable upholstered car; photo courtesy Meghan BelnapElectric and hybrid vehicles save money on fuel.

Clear Falls High School 2013 Winter Concert

December 19, 2013Posted by

Repainting garden gnomes makes a great summer project; photo courtesy Kelly Smith

Mr. Washburn directing the Clear Falls High School Orchestra (League City, Texas).

Home Buying Guidelines

December 1, 2013Posted by Hannah Whittenly

Real estate for sale; photo courtesy Hannah Whittenly

Home insurance; four things you didn’t know.

George Washington’s Secret Six

December 1, 2013Posted by Author’s Google profile


The George Washington Lansdowne portrait; photo courtesy National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian InstitutionThe Culper spy ring that saved the American revolution.

6 Tips for Being Kind to Nature When You Move

November 16, 2013Posted by Kandace Heller

Loading a moving van; photo courtesy Kandace Heller

How to save money while being environmentally-friendly.

Panko Crusted Eggplant Recipe

October 29, 2013Posted by Kelly Smith


Panko crusted eggplant; photo © KSmith Media, LLC This frugal fruit helps control hypertension, is loaded with minerals and vitamins, and is fat-free.

5 Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

October 25, 2013Posted by Kandace Heller


Hands over a green landscape, photo courtesy Kandace HellerEfficient HVAC systems, adequate insulation, frugal lighting, energy star, and home security.

LED Christmas Lights: The New Christmas Green

October 24, 2013Posted by Jason Woodward

An LED Christmas light display; photo courtesy Chris Delker

An energy-efficient alternative to inefficient incandescent bulbs.

How to Change the License Plate Light on a Ford Escape

September 3, 2013Posted by Kelly Smith


Ford Escape licence plate lights; photo © KSmith Media, LLCTaking the mystery out of auto maintenance.

Green Ideas for Your Wedding Dress

August 26, 2013Posted by Bridget Sandorford

Elegant white wedding dress; image courtesy Nathan O'Nions

An expensive investment can have a creative new life

Are Seasonal Allergies Giving You a Runny Nose all Year?

August 18, 2013Posted by Aimee Claire


The allergy pathway cycle; photo courtesy SariSabban Allergic rhinitis affects some 40 million people in the US alone.

Green Living: How to Conserve Energy this Summer

August 15, 2013Posted by Brionna Kennedy

Energy efficient windows; photo © KSmith Media, LLC

Save money with a variety of changes.

Delicious and Environmentally-Friendly Infused Whiskeys

August 13, 2013Posted by Jeff Orloff


Scotch on the rocks; photo courtesy Benjamin Thompson Why settle for normal? Spice it up!

Improve the Value of Your Home with Roof Lanterns

July 29, 2013Posted by Celina Jonesi


A contemporary roof lantern; photo courtesy EnglishGlassmanSkylights add home equity, reduce utility bills, and take advantage of renewable resources.

Get Away From Paper vs. Plastic Bags: Invest In A Tote

July 24, 2013Posted by Michelle Rebecca

A grocery tote bag; photo courtesy Michelle Rebecca

A cloth or hemp tote bag solves the debate.

6 Tips for Living Green Without Losing the Green in Your Wallet

July 20, 2013Posted by Brooke Chaplan


Water beads on a leaf; photo courtesy Brooke ChaplanRather than a complete remodel, follow these economical tips to change the theme.

Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP)

June 30, 2013Posted by Kelly Smith

A southwestern style home

Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac mortgages can be financed at lower loan rates.

The Expert’s Guide to a Green and Frugal Wedding

June 16, 2013Posted by Michelle Rebecca

Recycled seeded paper; photo courtesy Michelle Rebecca

The marriage industry doesn’t have to dictate your nuptial budget.

Father’s Day Activity Ideas

June 13, 2013Posted by Author’s Google profile Posted June 13, 2013

Feeding the child on Father's Day; image © USMC

Following Mother’s Day, this national holiday pampers the man of the house.

Buying Green Cleaning Products

May 21, 2013Posted by Sharon Freeman

The EPA DfE logo; photo courtesy Environmental Protection Agency

Look for the EPA DfE label for environmentally-friendly products.

Teach Your Kids These Four Home Safety Rules

May 9, 2013Posted by Annette Hazard


Teach children stove safety; image courtesy Annette HazardThe kitchen can be a dangerous place for children.

Cold Cucumber Soup Recipe

April 21, 2013Posted by ; Author’s Google profile


Cold cucumber soup and chips; photo © KSmith Media, LLC It also makes a dip, sandwich spread, and tortilla roll-up filler.

Don't Get Caught in the Storm

April 19, 2013Posted by Annette Hazard

Summer storms ahead sign; photo courtesy Annette Hazard

How to prepare for summer storms.

Dental Implant Surgery

April 17, 2013Posted by


X-ray of a dental implant titanium post; image courtesy DRosenbach A permanent tooth replacement procedure; an alternative to bridges and partials.

Popular Eco-Friendly Businesses

April 15, 2013Posted by James

A Greenpark wind turbine in the UK; photo courtesy Arpingstone

Sustainable business practices are yielding an impressive ROI.

5 Products to Gear Up Your Home for Spring

March 27, 2013Posted by Madyson Grant


A traditional home; photo courtesy Madyson GrantTransition from winter to summer with these tips.

Can You Get a Better Home Price with Environmentally Friendly Financing?

March 26, 2013Posted by Carly Fierro

Real estate for sale; photo © KSmith Media, LLC

The FHA, Bank of America, and Bluegreen Financial.

Body Fat Percentage Guidelines for Males and Females

March 3, 2013Posted by


Zero Calorie Nutrition Label Weight charts are notoriously subjective and misleading.

Medicinal Herbs with Healing Powers

February 25, 2013Posted by


An organic rosemary plant; photo © Kelly Smith Holistic treatment of hypertension, cancer, cholesterol, fibromyalgia, and more.

5 Environmentally-Friendly Kids’ Toys

February 19, 2013Posted by Michelle Rebecca


Educational toys; photo courtesy Michelle RebeccaChildren’s toys can be educational, fun, and safe.

3 Ways You Can Lesson Your Environmental Impact

February 11, 2013Posted by Annette Hazard


A Chambers Fireless StoveRetained-heat cooking, recycling, and mind the power vampires.

3 Natural Toothpastes for the Eco-Friendly

February 11, 2013Posted by Lyndsi Decker


Environmentally-friendly toothpaste; photo courtesy Lyndsi Decker Making frugal toothpaste allows personalizing flavor.

How to Safely Use Herbal Supplements

February 4, 2013Posted by Annette Hazard


Herbal supplement capsules; photo courtesy Annette Hazard Botanicals can help with many conditions but are not regulated by the FDA.

5 2013 Cars that Will Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

January 23, 2013Posted by Lyndsi Decker


A 2013 Toyota Prius; photo courtesy Lyndsi DeckerElectric and hybrid vehicles are garnering more consumer appeal.

The Benefits of Installing Outdoor Water Fountains in Your Garden

January 21, 2013Posted by Sierra Paige

An outdoor water fountain; photo courtesy Sierra Paige

Invest in your home equity and create a personal paradise.

Tips to Ensure Your Car is Eco-Friendly

January 20, 2013Posted by Carly Fierro

Fuel economy vs speed in 1997; photo courtesy Napalm1232

Minimize idle time and keep up your automotive maintenance.

Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe

January 18, 2013Posted by ; Author’s Google profile


A cup of broccoli cheese soup; photo courtesy Kelly Smith Healthy food supplying calcium, trace minerals, and a lower cancer risk.

Frugal Clothes Shopping

January 11, 2013Posted by Kelly Smith

A Goodwill clothes purchase receipt; photo © Kelly Smith

Shop at Goodwill, ebay, or host a clothes swap.

Reduce the Effects of Winter and S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

January 6, 2013Posted by


Heavy winter snowfall; photo courtesy Matthew R Dunn Avoid wintertime depression with these health tips.

Is Your Mineral Intake Adequate?

January 2, 2013Posted by


Eggs and cheese for the South Beach Diet; photo courtesy Kelly Smith Eat an organic, balanced diet and supplement when needed.

The True Cost of Obamacare

December 29, 2012Posted by


Obama celebrates passage of Obamacare; photo courtesy US Gov. Rising medical insurance premiums, higher taxes, and rationed health care.

Introduction to Investment

December 24, 2012Posted by


Bull and bear markets; photo courtesy Eva KTypes of stock and bond brokerages, risk vs return, and more.

The 11 Most Common Places for Germs

December 19, 2012Posted by


Bacterial morphology diagram; photo courtesy Mariana Ruiz Bacteria dangerous to children may be lurking where you least expect it.

Backyard Farming on an Acre (More or Less); by Angela England

December 17, 2012Posted by Kelly Smith


Backyard Farming book; photo courtesy Angela EnglandOrganic gardening is affordable, nutritious, and fun; a sustainable-living manual.

The Indian Paintbrush

December 13, 2012Posted by ; all rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without author’s written permission; Author’s Google profile


A field of Indian paintbrushes; photo courtesy Kelly Smith

Annual wildflowers from Texas to Wyoming.

Texas State Flower, the Bluebonnet

December 12, 2012Posted by ; all rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without author’s written permission; Author’s Google profile


A field of bluebonnets; photo courtesy Kelly Smith

The Lone Star State, Stetson hats, cowboy boots; all iconic.

Herb-Stuffed, Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Breast Recipe

December 11, 2012Posted by ; Author’s Google profile


Herb-stuffed bacon-wrapped chicken ready for the oven; photo courtesy Shannon Smith The spices and bacon give this dish its distinctive flavor.

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